Gas & Water Control

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Mikuni manufactures gas and water control devices to add safety features to your existing products.  Contact Mikuni sales today to explore options for adding value-added safety control devices to your product line

Gas Control Devices

Safety Shut-Off Devices for Gas Appliances


Safety System

  • Prevents the outflow of gas. As the thermocouple detects an interruption of the gas flame, a magnet unit shuts down the gas passage in case the flame extinguishes for any reason.
  • Consists of a thermocouple with a sensor and power supply functions in addition to a magnetic unit with a gas shut-off function.

Magnet Units

  • Used in gas shut-off valves of Safety shut-off Devices for gas stove, bathtub gas water heaters, etc.
  • Available in both thermocouple type and dry battery type. It features a simple, compact, and space saving design with no latching function in addition to its excellent fail-safe performance.
  • Applications: Gas stove, gas water heater


  • Used in Safety shut-off Devices of gas appliances including stoves and water heaters to detect ignition and extinction (sensor function) and to supply power to the shut-off valve.
  • Applications: Gas stove, gas water heater, gas fan water, gas clothes dryer

Proportional Gas Control Valves

  • Structure with an integrated opening/closing outflow of gas, linear flow rate control, and governor functions.
  • It is mainly used for water heaters and boilers that require fine combustion control. We can propose the most suitable type from many variations.
    Applications: Gas water heater, gas boiler

Gas Shut-Off Valve

  • For its outstanding features including its compact size and durability, this Gas Shut-off Valve is used in many gas appliances.
  • Available in various types of voltage specifications, the Shut-off Valve can be supplied as assembled into gas appliance bodies to meet specific requirements or as an individual part.
    Applications: Gas water heater, gas boiler

Motor-Driven Gas Shut-Off Valve

  • Motor-driven, stepless adjustment of gas stove heat
  • It allows for automatic cooking, rice cooking, temperature setting, as well as safety functions such as overheat prevention and automatic fire extinguishing.
  • In addition to the 1-burner type for grilling, it can be used for 2 to 3 burner gas stoves.
    Applications: Gas stove

Water Control Devices

Small Solenoid Valves

  • Control the gateway of water passages.
  • Compact and lightweight. They are well suited for small spaces.
  • Low power consumption design
  • makes it possible to use a PWM control to hold the valve open.
  • Flow control by the valve itself allows for flexible design at locations (such as at an inlet or outlet or in a passageway).
  • Applications: Washing toilet seat, Water heater

Pilot Solenoid Valves

  • Control the gateway of water passages.
  • Well suited for use in small spaces because it is smaller and more lightweight than the direct operated type.
  • Low power consumption design
  • makes it possible to use a PWM control to hold the valve open.
  • Gateway connecting method allows the body design to meet the required flow.
  • Applications: Dishwasher

Motor operated Water Control Valves

  • Improved reliability by using the same construction as automotive stepping motors.
  • Compact construction with a coaxial configuration of a motor shaft and a valve driving shaft.
  • Can provide the required characteristics by varying the valve configuration. Inquiries are welcome.
  • Applications: Mist shower


Evaporation Type
Humidifier for Package
Air Conditioners

  • Natural evaporation type humidifiers are built into package air conditioners for air conditioning in buildings, which prevents dryness and static electricity as well as helps to create a comfortable environment in the office.
  • Applications: Package Air Conditioners