From America to Japan: Aerospace and Beyond

The Japanese aerospace industry represents a sizable market for many American suppliers, yet it also poses a significant challenge. The complexities of licensing, regulations, customs, and unfamiliar business channels, in addition to the language barrier, can make this market especially difficult to navigate. Firms partnered with Mikuni American Corporation will benefit greatly from our experience handling these unique challenges.

We are aerospace specialists with over 50 years of experience working alongside agencies such as the Japan Defense Agency and NASDA. We have staff in Japan dedicated solely to servicing and supporting all of the major Japanese aerospace and aircraft manufacturers.

Mikuni American Corporation represents American suppliers of raw materials, chemicals, castings and forgings, and precision parts. We service the top names in the Aerospace world, with components found everywhere from the Boeing 777 to the Space Shuttle.

Not only can Mikuni American help you grow your current markets, we can assist in establishing new ones as well. Our knowledge of Japanese markets extends well beyond aerospace, and we can offer support with expanding your sales worldwide.

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